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The range of CODIFRA food supplements

Prescribed by doctors to complement their usual treatment strategy.

CODIFRA food supplements are marketed in every pharmacy and parapharmacy in France and in the West Indies free access or on advice.

How to optimize your choice out of the range of CODIFRA food supplements ?

CODIFRA natural food supplements range
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  Normalite 1000
Normalite 1000 enfant
Micronutritional complexes - Tone and vitality
  Thanks to ginseng and its contribution of trace elements and vitamins, our food supplement NORMALITE 1000 acts quickly and is long-lasting against physical, mental, and sexual fatigue. In addition it contributes to your everyday well-being.  
Micronutritional complexes – Form and vitality
  NORMALITE 1000 ENFANT® combines the vitamins and trace elements which specifically meet the nutritional requirements of children and guarantees their tone and vitality.  
Micronutritional complexes – Iron deficiencies
  By providing iron in a form more easily assimilable by the body than usual iron (HYPRO-RI®Fer), ACTYFERIL enables the prevention of iron deficiencies due to inadequate intakes and to the increased requirements or iron losses experienced by different population groups.  
 Sleep anti-stress memory
  Normalite nerveux
Mental well-being – Serenity and sleep problems
  By combining orange flower water, marine magnesium and calcium, our food supplement NORMALITE NERVEUX is particularly indicated to help obtain calm and serenity naturally and improve the quality of sleep.  
Mental well-being – Management of stress and its functional consequences
  By combining marine magnesium, calcium and cod liver oil, MAGALITE is especially indicated for combating the side effects of repetitive stress.  
Mental well-being – Memory, concentration, vigilance
  The wealth in phospholipids specific of the brain, in trace elements and vitamins necessary for good brain metabolism enables ACTYVIGIL to be particularly recommended for improving the memory, the ability to concentrate and vigilance.  
Mental well-being – mood improvement
  By combining Saffron, L-5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxyryptophane) extract of Griffonia simplicifolia, zinc and vitamin B6, SAFRALITE® helps improves mood and obtain optimism and serenity.  
 Intestinal problems
detox slimming
Digestive sphere and detox – Herbal detox and  general detoxifier
  5 plants traditionally active in the digestive sphere and in the circulation of water in the body enable EXPURYL to purify the entire body of accumulated waste.
The addition of chromium contributing to the good use of sweet substances enables EXPURYL to be particularly recommended during weight-loss diets
Digestive sphere and detox – Comfort and equilibrium of the intestinal flora
  ACTYFILUS, by combining 5 strains of highly measured and scientifically selected probiotics with an effective prebiotic, stabilizes and strengthens the habitual flora and therefore promotes a good intestinal and overall condition.  
Digestive sphere and detox – Feeling of fullness
  FILIGEL’s combination of different dietary fibres and plants enable to reduce feelings of hunger by filling the stomach.  
Antioxidants – Endocellular and ocular protection
  ACTYPRAL contributes to combat accelerated ageing of the body due to any condition causing or which could cause excess FREE RADICALS.  
Antioxidants – Sun preparations, Hydration and skin tone
  ACTYMINE contributes to combat accelerated ageing of the skin by promoting cutaneous hydration and the elimination of excess free radicals. Recommended in sun exposure preparations.  
 Joint stiffness
  Normalite osseux
Micronutritional complexes – Form and vitality
  By combining meadowsweet, fish oil and calcium, our food supplement NORMALITE OSSEUX helps you to retain mobility, joint comfort and good bone structure.  
Menopause - Prevention of side effects of the menopause
  By combining non-GM soya extracts rich in phyto-oestrogens with B group vitamins, our food supplement GYNOSOJA-VIT B is particularly recommended during and after the menopause.