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Guarantees of CODIFRA natural products - Ethics, distribution in pharmacy, professional code of ethics, food supplements Products “distributed in pharmacy”: the pharmacist profession requires complete scientific skills, acquired throughout long university training, and sanctioned by a degree of Doctor in Pharmacy. S/he can not only judge, with a great deal of precision, the effectiveness of the products s/he distributes, but also has a genuine responsibility towards his/her customers. So, to be listed and distributed by pharmacists is a gauge of the reliability and effectiveness of CODIFRA food supplements. Moreover, this enables a very high availability of our products for the consumer, since pharmacists must be stocked several times a day.
The CODIFRA natural product guarantees – Health, Safety, Nature label The Health Safety Nature Label:this new label concerns food supplements exclusively. The Health Safety Nature Label is a complete commitment by the laboratory which respects it.
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Product creation: the fruit of very active scientific development, the creation of the products from the CODIFRA laboratory is progressive, and is permanently adapted to the results of the latest scientific and clinical research. (Find out more)
The CODIFRA natural product guarantees – Official Partnership University of Poitiers Official partnership with the University of Poitiers: Official Partner of the University of Poitiers, the CODIFRA laboratory benefits from a pool of young researchers, and privileged connections with the medical and professorial bodies. In addition, the faculty of science at Poitiers offers health professionals courses leading to a qualification (professional degree), the main objective of which is to provide them with the necessary skills to prescribe and advise on food supplements (nutrition therapy).
The CODIFRA natural product guarantees – Respect of the health and European food standards Respecting the European standards:the European legislation is very strict in terms of food and health safety for the consumer: particularly as regards the quantity of active substances authorised in food supplements, and the quality of the latter... (Find out more)