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CODIFRA Laboratoiry – Sleep anti-stress memory
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Sleep anti-stress memory

NORMALITE NERVEUX – sleep anxiety magnesium deficiency food supplement

Sleep omega-3 magnesium food supplement

  By combining orange flower water, marine magnesium and calcium, our NORMALITE NERVEUX food supplement is particularly indicated to help obtain calm and serenity naturally and improve the quality of sleep.  
 MAGALITE - Anti-stress omega-3 – magnesium food supplement product

Anti-stress omega-3 - magnesium food supplement

  By combining marine magnesium, calcium and cod liver oil, MAGALITE is especially indicated for combating the side effects of repetitive stress.  
ACTYVIGIL – memory problems adult memory stimulant food supplement

Memory omega-3 – phospholipids food supplement

  The wealth in phospholipids specific of the brain, in trace elements and vitamins necessary for good brain metabolism, enables ACTYVIGIL to be particularly recommended for improving the memory, ability to concentrate and vigilance.  
SAFRALITE – Mental well-being - Mood improvement food supplement

Mood improvement food supplement

  By combining Saffron, L-5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxyryptophane) extract of Griffonia simplicifolia, zinc and vitamin B6, SAFRALITE® helps improves mood and obtain optimism and serenity.  
complément alimentaire sommeil anti-stress mémoire NORMALITE NERVEUX - MAGALITE - ACTYVIGIL - SAFRALITE