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Antioxidant skin omega 6 food supplement

Sans Alcool
Box of 30 capsules
anti-ageing of the skin, omega-6
Actymine: skin anti-ageing food supplement, omega-6
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ACTYMINE contributes to combat accelerated ageing of the skin by promoting cutaneous hydration and the elimination of excess free radicals. Recommended in sun exposure preparations.

The + of this food supplement

GAOS® (Synergetic Antioxidant Group®):
 -Selenium, manganese and zinc in the form HYPRO-RI®
 -Natural vitamins E and C in great bioavailability (yeast forms)
Lycopene tomato extract
• Anthocyanins blueberry extracts
• Fish gelatine capsules

Instructions for use
1 capsule per day for 1 to 3 monthsRenewable course of treatment

Sun protection :

Start 15 days before sun exposure continuing during the périod of exposure an for one month afterwards.
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Composition (for one capsule)
Natural Vitamin C: 30 mg
Natural Vitamin E (COVITOL®): 10 mg
Selenium (HYPRO-RI®): 25 µg
Zinc (HYPRO-RI®): 7.5 mg
Manganese (HYPRO-RI®): 1.75 mg
*GAOS®: Synergetic Antioxidant Group
Huile de bourrache à 20 % de AGL (Oméga 6) : 200 mg
Corn oil with 15 % ceramides: 40 mg
Natural anthocyanins: 1.25 mg
Natural lycopene: 2 mg
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Trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts

To protect skin damaged by the sun or by pollution it is necessary on the one hand to protect it from destructive free radicals produced in excess however it is also necessary to promote moisturising, an essential factor in the fight against ageing.

These are the trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts contained necessarily in the diet which enable functioning of the systems which combat excess free radicals (antioxidant systems).

In certain cases of dietary intake deficiency and/or increased requirements, the body no longer has the means of eliminating excess free radicals and the skin cells may be damaged with as a result a risk of accelerated ageing.
This is why our good supplement Actymine provides the G.A.O.S®. (Antioxidant Synergetic Group®) comprised of natural vitamins C and E, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese in chelate form HYPRO-RI®.

The G.A.O.S® enables to efficiency combat in a synergetic and additional way excess free radicals.

Borage oil (rich in AGPI omega-6) and wheat germ oil (rich in ceramides)

The polyunsaturated fatty acids (AGPI omega-6) act in synergy with the ceramides in order to oppose dehydration of the skin by reinforcing the cohesion of the cells of the epidermis.

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Why take our food supplement, actymine ?
Prevents accelerated skin ageing by :
• Poor diet
• Pollution
• Sun / UV rays
Prepares the skin :
•for sun exposure: antioxidant protection against UV rays
• with an aesthetic medical or surgical action: restructuring action and maintenance of cutaneous integrity (Collagen and Peeling)
Prevents skin dehydration
Antioxidant anti-ageing food supplement ACTYPRAL
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