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Well-being food supplement - ginseng in capsules

Sans Alcool
Box of 30 capsules
Well-being ginseng capsule
Normalite-1000: well-being ginseng capsule food supplement
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Thanks to ginseng and its contribution of trace elements and vitamins, our food supplement NORMALITE 1000 acts quickly and is long-lasting against physical, mental, and sexual fatigue. In addition it contributes to your everyday well-being.

The + of this food supplement
Natural vitamins E and C with high bioavailability
• Provides optimum dose of red PANAX Ginseng
• 100 % of the Recommended Daily Intakes from 2 capsules/day.
• Capsules of vegetable origin
• Zinc and selenium in the form HYPRO-RI®
Instructions for use

• 1 to 2 capsules per day
• 1-month renewable course of
• Take preferably in the morning

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Magnesium : 150 mg   Vit. B6 : 1 mg
Natural Vitamin C : 30 mg   Vit. B2 : 0,8 mg
Ginsenosides : 10 mg   Vit B1 : 0,7 mg
Vit. PP : 9 mg   Vit B9 : 100 µg
Zinc HYPRO-RI) : 7,50 mg   Vit B8 : 75 µg
Natural Vit. E : 5 mg   Iodine: 75 µg
Vit. B5 : 3 mg   Vit. B12 : 0,5 µg
Selenium (HYPRO-RI) : 25 µg
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Find out more about our food supplement, NORMALITE-1000

To have a rapid and durable action, NORMALIE 1000 is comprised of a plant with rapid effects Ginseng) and micronutrients (deep action)

Immediate stimulating effect : ginseng and vitamin C

GINSENG is a planet from Asia and grown for a very long times in these regions for the qualities of its route called "flower of life". Traditionally GINSENG is considered as a revitalising and energising plant, which rapidly increases the feeling of well-being.

Long-lasting tonic effect : vitamins, trace elements, minerals

By acting progressively on the production of energy, the B group vitamins, magnesium and iodine contribute to overall anti-fatigue action

The other trace elements and vitamins contained in our food supplement, NORMALITE 1000, contribute to good functioning of the cells and to cell equilibrium, and for this reason, improve daily well-being.

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Why take our food supplement, NORMALITE-1000 ?

Fatigue :
- functional fatigue with a physical, mental and sexual origin
- after surgical operations and after giving birth
- linked to an excess of stress

•Improvement of physical and mental resistance

•In all states of risk of micronutritional deficiency :
low calorie diets, athletes, and the elderly

well-being food supplement NORMALITE 1000 ENFANT - ACTYFERIL
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