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Joint stiffness omega-3 food supplement - calcium

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joint stiffness osteoarticular food supplement
Normalite-osseux: joint stiffness osteoarticular food supplement
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By combining meadowsweet, fish oil and calcium, our food supplement NORMALITE OSSEUX helps you to retain mobility, joint comfort and good bone structure.

The + of this food supplement

• Fish oils 30% and 55% of EPA/DHA

Calcium pidolate: better absorption
• Extract of meadowsweet
• Fish gelatine capsules

Instructions for use

1 to 3 capsules per day

Renewable 3-month course of treatment

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Fish oils 30% of EPA/DHA: 185 mg
Fish oils 55% of EPA/DHA: 150 mg
Meadowsweet extract: 20 mg
Calcium: 44 mg
Natural Vitamin E: 10 mg
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Find out more about our food supplement, NORMALITE-OSSEUX

To have a rapid and durable action, NORMALIE OSSEUX is comprised of a plant with rapid effects and micronutrients (deep action)

To have functional and fully effective joints necessitates the integrity of the cartilage, as well as the total absence of inflammatory joint or ligamentary phenomena.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 of marine origin.

The lack of dietary intake contributes to chronic inflammatory conditions. The supply of these omega-3s in NORMALITE OSSEUX protects the joints from the deleterious effects of these deficiencies, and contributes to joint performance and functionality. Meadowsweet : plant traditionally used for its role in protecting the joints.

Lastly, the supply of CALCIUM which is an essential component of bone structure, enabling to fortify the skeleton

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Why take our food supplement, NORMALITE-OSSEUX ?

For the over-fifties : in case of disturbances in mobility and joint comfort

For athletes : joint protection during intense and repetitive athletic exertions

• To optimize bone union after a fracture

joint stiffness osteoarticular food supplement ACTYFORME
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