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Natural appetite suppressant food supplement

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natural appetite suppressant
filigel: natural appetite suppressant
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FILIGEL’s combination of different dietary fibres and plants enable to reduce feelings of hunger by filling the stomach.

The + of this food supplement

• Combination of 4 active dietary fibres

Natural pineapple and orange flavourings

• Practical presentation in individual 5 g sachets

Instructions for use

• To accompany slimming diets
• To be taken as part of a balanced diet
• To combat cravings and snacking

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Ground oat bran: 1.86 g
Konjac: 1.25g
Fructose: 1g
Pectin apple extract: 0.66 g
Fibruline: 0.13g
Powdered guarana: 0.05g
Pïneapple flavour: 0.04 g
Orange flavour: 0.02 g
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Fibres and plants

A part of the feeling of hunger is caused by the sensation of an empty stomach. By filling the stomach with non calorific elements (fibres and plants) a feeling of fullness is therefore created. The use of fibres which mixed with water increase several dozen times their initial weight, enable to contribute in a natural way, free of side-effects, to this complex sensation which is fullness.


GUARANA acting on the body’s fat reserves was added to improve the effectiveness of our food supplement FILIGEL during slimming diets.

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Why take our food supplement, Filigel ?

Weight reduction :
- Big appetite
- Cravings and snacking
- Slimming diets
- Constipation

• People prone to hypercholesterolemia

digestive sphere EXPURYL - ACTYFILUS
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