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Detox slimming food supplement

Sans Alcool
Box of 60 capsules
300 ml bottle
500 ml bottle
digestion problems digestive detox slimming
Expuryl: digestion problems digestive detox slimming
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Un peu d'histoire

5 plants traditionally active in the digestive sphere and in the circulation of water in the body enable EXPURYL to purify the entire body of accumulated waste.
The addition of chromium contributing to the good use of sweet substances enables EXPURYL to be particularly recommended during weight-loss diets

The + of this food supplement
Non-irradiated plants.
No added sugar.
• Chromium in the form HYPRO-RI® - CHROME.
• 2 formulations:
  - Liquid: 300 ml or 500 ml bottle
  - Capsules of plant origin
No parabens and alcohol-free
• Glycerine of plant origin
Instructions for use

• 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1.5 litres of water to be drunk throughout the day, not at mealtimes
• 1 to 2 capsules per day, take preferably not at mealtimes

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Liquid form
(Hydroglycerinated extract for 1 tablespoon)
Blackcurrant (fruit and leaf): 389 mg
Artichoke (bract): 167 mg
Dandelion (leaf): 353 mg
Green tea (leaf): 249 mg
Turmeric (rhizome): 50 mg
Chromium (HYPRO-RI®): 12,5 µg
Capsule form
(Qty of dry extracts per capsule)
Blackcurrant (fruit and leaf): 126 mg
Artichoke (bract): 90 mg
Dandelion (leaf): 83 mg
Green tea (leaf): 54 mg
Turmeric (rhizome): 7 mg
Chromium (HYPRO-RI®): 12.5 µg
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Blackcurrant : Plant traditionally used to maintain flexibility of the joints

Artichoke : Plant traditionally used to facilitate transit and digestion

Dandelion : Plant traditionally used to drain water from the body

Turmeric : Plant traditionally used to make digestion easier and to clean the intestines

Green tea : Plant traditionally used for its action on cellulite and during slimming diets

Chromium (HYPRO-RI®) : Contributes to improving the use by the body of sugar substances (carbohydrates)

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Why take our food supplement, Expuryl ?

• Excess weight
• Athletes and people taking physical activity, to combat inflammatory joint pressure or an accumulation of toxins
• For women with premenstrual syndrome, cellulite infiltration, heavy legs.
• When hepatic-digestive drainage or regulation of intestinal transit is required

digestive sphere ACTYFILUS - FILIGEL
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