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Food supplement for children with vitamins and trace elements

Sans Alcool
Box of 14 tablets
Tone and vitality in children
Normalite-1000-enfant: food supplement for children, tone and vitality
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NORMALITE 1000 ENFANT®combines the vitamins and trace elements which specifically meet the nutritional requirements of children and guarantees their tone and vitality.

The + of this food supplement
Natural vitamins E and C with high bioavailability
Magnesium of marine origin
• Natural strawberry flavour
No aspartame
• Natural colouring
• Non-coated tablets
Instructions for use
• 1 tablet (divisible) to be chewed per day
• Renewable 14-day course of treatment
• Take preferably in the morning
• Suitable for children over 4 years of age
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Composition (for one tablet)
Natural Vitamin C: 30 mg
Natural Vitamin E: 5 mg
Vitamin B1: 0,7 mg
Vitamin B2: 0,8 mg
Vitamin PP: 9 mg
Vitamin B5: 3 mg
Vitamin B6: 1 mg
Vitamin B8: 75 μg
Vitamin B9: 100 μg
Vitamin B12: 0,5 μg
Zinc: 7,5 mg
Marine magnesium: 150 mg
Vitamin D: 2.5 µg
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Immediate stimulating effect : Vitamin C
Vitamin C Vitamin C provides vitality on the physical level and on the mental level.

Long-lasting tonic effect : Vitamins of the B group and magnesium
As a co-factor indispensable in energy metabolism, taking magnesium combined with the B group vitamins gives a long-lasting fortifying effect.

Improves the natural defences : Zinc, Vitamins C, E and B group
vitamins Zinc as well as vitamins C and E plays a part in the activity of the immune system.
The B group vitamins play a part in the synthesis of antibodies

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Why take our food supplement, NORMALITE-1000-ENFANT ?

• Physical and mental fatigue, especially after infectious episodes, or during preparation for exams

• Micronutritional corrector, to increase the child’s natural defences


well-being food supplement NORMALITE 1000 - ACTYFERIL
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