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Iron deficiency and pregnancy food supplement

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Box of 60 capsules
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Actyferil : complément alimentaire grossesse carence en fer
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By providing iron in a form more easily assimilable by the body than usual iron (HYPRO-RI®Fer), ACTYFERIL enables the prevention of iron deficiencies due to inadequate intakes and to the increased requirements or iron losses experienced by different population groups.

The + of this food supplement

 Iron and copper form HYPRO-RI® :
better absorption

• Copper and vitamins B6/B9
indispensable for the transport of iron and
for its use by the body.

• Capsules of plant origin.

Instructions for use

• 1 capsule per day
• Renewable 2-month course of treatment
• In order to optimise the absorption of iron, when taking ACTYFERIL: avoid consuming tea and coffee.

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Iron (Form HYPRO®): 14 mg
Copper (Form HYPRO®): 1 mg
Vitamin B6: 1 mg
Vitamin B9: 100 µg
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Iron has a fundamental role in the composition of the haemoglobin contained in the red blood cells, in the composition of myoglobin contained in the muscles and in that of numerous enzymes indispensable for the body to function.

Iron deficiency can have negative consequences on health, in particular a reduction in physical capacity on exertion, a reduction in intellectual performance, less résistance to infections, and causes problems during pregnancy.

Copper and vitamines B6 B9

These elements are indispensable for the transport of Iron and for its use by the body.

The EPIFER study shows that in France 9 women out of 10 have inferior Iron intake as regards the recommended daily intake and a quarter of women of childbearing age is Iron deficient.

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Why take our food supplement, Actyferil?

Increased losses: Heavy periods, digestive bleeding :

•Increased losses: Heavy periods, digestive bleeding
•Physiological increase of Iron requirements : adolescence, during pregnancy
•Inadequate intake in: the over-fifties, vegetarians and vegans, people following a restrictive dietary regime

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