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Intestinal problems food supplement

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Box of 30 capsules
comfort and equilibrium of the intestinal flora” width “135
Actyfilus: to reconstitute restabilize intestinal flora
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ACTYFILUS, by combining 5 strains of highly measured and scientifically selected probiotics with an effective prebiotic, stabilizes and strengthens the habitual flora and therefore promotes a good intestinal and overall condition.

The + of this food supplement
Maximum effectiveness thanks to :
  - a synergetic combinatiion of prébiotics (inuline, chicory extract) and probiotics
  - 5 différent strains and a major concentration of probiotics

• Capsules of plant origin

Instructions for use
Usual dose : 1 capsule per day to be taken with a glass of water ½ an hour before 1 if the 3 meals.

Special dose : Infectious diarrheoa and dûe to antibiotic thérapy 1 capsule per day to be taken with a glass of water ½ an hour before each of the 3 meals until the return of équilibrium of the intestinal flora.

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Strains of probiotics
Starter cultures and lyophilized bifidus: 10 billion GVS*
Lactococcus LACTIS : 3 billion
Lactobacillus PARACASEI : 2.5 billion
L. Acidophilus : 1.5 billion
Lactobacillus CASEI : 1.5 billion
Bifidobactérium LONGUM : 1.5 billion
* Live bacteria stabilised when put in the capsule.
INULINE (Raftiline®) : 400 mg
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Probiotics are bacteria which live in good terms with our own intestinal flora, and which, by colonizing the large intestine, help it to restabilize its natural flora and to fight against the bacteria "so-called pathogens" which are omnipresent in our environment (in water, air, food…).


• Prebiotics are complex sugars which act as food for probiotics and help them to grow in ideal conditions. So by combining the 2, we reduce the risks of letting harmful invaders enter and we greatly improve the digestive functions.

• A special mention
  - for the over-fifties whose usual flora deteriorates with age and loses its efficiency thus causing problems with absorption and discomfort
  - for athletes whose digestive system "suffers" during prolonged exertion, with as a result pains and a reduced absorption of micro-nutrients and of water (risk of dehydration).

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Why take our food supplement, Actyfilus ?

• Before going on holiday and during trips in countries which are "risky" for tourists
• To improve digestive comfort
• To help strengthen the natural defences
• To improve the flora of the over-fifties and athletes
• To combat diarrhoea linked to taking antibiotics

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