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Sleep omega-3 magnesium food supplement

Sans Alcool

Sleep anxiety magnesium deficiency
Normalite-nerveux: food supplement sleep anxiety magnesium deficiency
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By combining orange flower water, marine magnesium and calcium, our food supplement NORMALITE NERVEUX is particularly indicated to help obtain calm and serenity naturally and improve the quality of sleep.

The + of this food supplement
• Fish oil 30% of EPA/DHA
Natural vitamin E dof vegetable origin certified IP (Identity Preserved)
Magnesium of marine origin
• Optimized intake: 2 calcium for 1 magnesium for better absorption
• Fish gelatine capsules
Instructions for use

1 capsule per day to be taken preferably in the evening.

Renewable 3-month course of treatment

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Fish oils : 275 mg
Calcium : 66 mg
Soya lecithin : 60 mg
Natural magnesium of marine origin : 31.5 mg
Orange blossom extract : 20 mg
Zinc : 15 mg
Natural Vitamin E : 10 mg
Vitamin B6: 1 mg
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Find out more about our food supplement, NORMALITE NERVEUX
To sleep well, it is advisable among other things to respect the following conditions :

- Not to be suffering from a state of non compensated stress
- Not to be suffering from problems with nervous conduction
- Avoid deficits in the synthesis of melatonin (sleep hormone)

To have a rapid and durable action, Normalite Nerveux is comprised of a plant with rapid effects and micronutrients (deep action):

Orange blossom
Plant traditionally used to promote serenity and quality of sleep.

Fish oils rich in Omega 3
Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids of marine origin (fish oil) are indispensable for the good transmission of nerve impulses, which enables stable and rejuvenating sleep.

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6
Our food supplement Normalite Nerveux provides these trace elements and vitamins which help reduce the side effects of stress detrimental to the quality of sleep.

Essential for the production of the hormone (melatonin) which regulates in particular the quality of sleep.

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Why take our food supplement, NORMALITE NERVEUX ?
Sleep problems linked to :

1. Mood disorders
2. School or work stress
3. The over-fifties

Sleep anti-stress memory food supplement MAGALITE - ACTYVIGIL - SAFRALITE
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