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Antioxidant anti-ageing food supplement

Sans Alcool
Box of 60 capsules
sport sportif complément anti age
Actypral : complément alimentaire sport sportif complément anti age
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Un peu d'histoire

ACTYPRAL contributes to combat accelerated ageing of the body due to any condition causing or which could cause excess FREE RADICALS.

The + of this food supplement

Complete antioxidant formula :

GAOS® (Synergetic Antioxidant Group®)
Lycopene natural tomato extract
Flavonoids natural lemon extracts
Anthocyanins natural grape extracts
Lutein free and natural marigold extract
• Capsules of plant origin

Instructions for use

• 1 capsule per day
• Renewable 2-month course of treatment

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   Natural Vitamin C: 30 mg
   Natural Vitamin E (COVITOL®): 10 mg
   Selenium (HYPRO-RI®): 50 µg
   Zinc (HYPRO-RI®): 15 mg
   Manganese (HYPRO-RI&®): 3.5 mg
*GAOS®: Synergetic Antioxidant Groupp
Anthocyanins: 8 mg
Flavonoïds: 3.6 mg
Free lutein: 1.5 mg
Natural lycopene: 1 mg
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Trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts

These are the trace elements, , vitamins and plant extracts contained mandatorily in the diet which enable the systems for fighting excess free radicals to function ( antioxydants systèms), so protecting the cardiovascular and ocular systems in particular

In certain cases of dietary intake deficiency and/or increased requirements, the body no longer has the means of eliminating excess free radicals and the body’s cells may be damaged with as a result a risk of accelerated ageing.

This is why Actypral provides the G.A.O.S®. (Antioxidant Synergetic Group®) comprised of natural vitamins C and E, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese in chelate form HYPRO-RI®.

The G.A.O.S® enables to efficiency combat in a synergetic and additional way excess free radicals.

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Why take our food supplement, ACTYPRAL ?
• Micronutritional contribution necessary for the cardiovascular and ocular systems

• Micronutritional prevention of deficiencies in antioxidant trace elements linked to: a polluted environment, heavy tobacco and alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet low in fruit and vegetables

• Antioxidant contribution during: anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory treatment

• Sporting and physical activities

Antioxidant anti-ageing food supplement ACTYMINE
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