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Mood improvement food supplement

Sans Alcool
Box of 28 capsules
anti stress, oméga 3
safralite : complément alimentaire trouble de l'humeur, déprime
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By combining Saffron, L-5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxyryptophane) extract of Griffonia simplicifolia, zinc and vitamin B6, SAFRALITE® helps improves mood and obtain optimism and serenity.

The + of this food supplement
No contraindications with oral contraceptives, statins and exposure to UV rays.
• Daily dose of saffron titrated in 2% of safranal (30mg for 2 capsules/day) complies with the results of the clinical studies published.
Chelate zinc HYPRO-RI® and vitamin B6 for maximum effectiveness.
Instructions for use

• 1 to 2 capsules per day
• Take preferably in the evening
• Renewable 6-week course of treatment
• Contraindications:
 - Very young children
 - Pregnant and breastfeeding women
 - People with trisomy or sclerodermia

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Extract of griffonia simplicifolia :
with 25 mg of L-5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxytryptophane)
84 mg  
Extract of saffron with 300 microg of safranal 15 mg  
Zinc (HYPRO-RI®) nbsp;: 7,5 mg 50%
Vitamin B6: 1 mg 50%
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Find out more about our food supplement, SAFRALITE

Safralite® improves mood by increasing the concentration of brain serotonin on 2 levels :

Saffron : Safralite® inhibits the recapture of serotonin, the hormone involved in the regulation of mood but also of appetite and sleep thanks to safranal and crocin provided by the saffron.

L-5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxyryptophane) : Safralite® stimulates the synthesis of serotonin due to the contribution of its direct precursor L-5-HTP extract of griffonia simplicifolia. L-5-HTP presents excellent brain bioavailability thus enabling effective synthesis of serotonin in contrast to free tryptophan.

For maximum effectiveness, Safralite® also provides vitamin B6 which is the essential co-factor in the synthesis of serotonin with L-5-HTP and zinc (chelate HYPRO-RI®).

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Why take our food supplement, SAFRALITE ?

To improve mood and obtain optimism and serenity particularly in :

• People subjected to chronic stress
• Elderly people presenting chronic mood changes
• Adolescents and young adults

sleep anti-stress memory food supplement NORMALITE NERVEUX - ACTYVIGIL - MAGALITE
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