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Omega-3 food supplement - phospholipids

Sans Alcool
Box of 21 capsules Lcaps
memory problems, stimulating adult memory
Actyvigil: memory problems food supplement, stimulating adult memory
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The wealth in phospholipids specific of the brain, in trace elements and vitamins necessary for good brain metabolism enables ACTYVIGIL to be particularly recommended for improving the memory, the ability to concentrate and vigilance.

The + of this food supplement
Glycerophospholipids of natural origin (corn oil)
Magnesium of marine origin
• Soya lecithin certified PI (Preserved Identity)
Natural vitamin E extract of non GMO sunflower oil
• Fish gelatine capsules
Instructions for use

1 to 2 capsules per day

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Composition (for one capsule)
Fish oils EPAX 6000: 218mg
95% wheat phospholipids: 117mg
Of which:
35% of serine phosphatidyl: 39mg
25% of choline phosphatidyl: 28mg
25% of insitol phosphatidyl: 28mg
15% of ethanolamine phosphatidyl: 16mg
Soya lecithin: 15mg
Marine magnesium: 50mg
Vitamin B3: 9mg
Zinc: 7,5mg
Natural Vitamin E: 5mg
Vitamin B6: 1mg
Vitamin B12: 0,5µg
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To function well, the brain needs among other things optimisation of neuronal activity (fluidity of the nerve cells), with optimal antioxidant protection against free radicals and a large quantity of energy.

Phospholipids, oméga-3 and Zinc

It is to ensure this fluidity of the nerve cells that our food supplement Actyvigil provides on the one hand phospholipids from corn oil, and on the other hand oméga-3s rich in EPA/DHA, from fish oil. Furthermore the Zinc provided by our food supplement Actyvigil promotes the synthesis of these EPAs/DHAs.

Magnesium and vitamins B3, B6, B12

The promote the production of energy of which the brain is a large consumer.

Vitamin E

These phospholipids are highly sensitive to oxidization by free radicals and must therefore be protected by vitamin E, provided by our good supplement Actyvigil.

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Why take our food supplement, Actyvigil ?

• Young people: Improved learning capacities (exams, competitions…)

• Adults: intellectual performance and mental fatigue

• The elderly: improved memory ability

sleep anti-stress memory food supplement NORMALITE NERVEUX - MAGALITE - SAFRALITE
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