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Intestinal problems detox slimming

EXPURYL - digestion problems digestive detox food supplement

Detox slimming food supplement

  5 plants traditionally active in the digestive sphere and in the circulation of water in the body enable EXPURYL to purify the entire body of accumulated waste.
The addition of chromium contributing to the good use of sweet substances enabling to recommend EXPURYL particularly during weight-loss diets.
ACTYFILUS – reconstitute restabilize intestinal flora

Intestinal problems food supplement

  ACTYFILUS, by combining 5 strains of highly measured and scientifically selected probiotics with an effective prebiotic, stabilizes and strengthens the habitual flora and therefore promotes a good intestinal and overall condition.  
FILIGEL – natural appetite suppressant food supplement

Natural appetite suppressant food supplement

  The combination of different fibres which fill the stomach by swelling inside it enables FILIGEL to be used to artificially increase the feeling of fullness.  
digestive sphere EXPURYL - ACTYFILUS - FILIGEL